"You want to explore the darkness with Yassou Benedict"


"a gorgeous spectacle to behold"

-Willow Wood Music-

"expect chills"

-The Bay Bridged-

"A sound like this is more uncommon that one-in-a-million"

-Nano Bot Rock-

"A slow burning gem that becomes increasingly violent as it progresses"

"Yassou Benedict has a feel for rhythms and textures that's downright sexy"

-Decoder Magazine-

"I want you to make me ramen, and then read me a story while I drift into a beautiful food coma"

- Huffington Post-

"The only aphrodisiac you'll ever need"

-Drunken Werwolf-

"There's something stangely seductive within Yassou Benedict"


"The ineluctable and spectral pull of desire; it might be a fleeting surrender but in the voice of Lilie Bytheway Hoy it feels like forever"